Local Activities

The main attraction, of course, is Zion National Park. (Did we mention that Tyler Inn is located just 10 minutes away from the southern entrance to the park?) The park has a great number of places to visit and see, and is a hiker’s paradise.

Below are some of our favorite local attractions.

Some of our guests, who have never been to Zion Park before, did not plan to spend much time here. They thought it’s a nice place to have a glimpse of on the way to Bryce or Grand Canyon. Don’t make the same mistake! There are lots of trails to hike, views to see, and things to do in Zion Canyon.  Prepare for the trip: visit the official Zion National Park newspaper.  We also found this guide by Joe Braun to be insightful.

You can actually explore the canyon, you can walk in the waters of the Virgin River that runs through it, you can enjoy the high walls of the canyon rising high above like skyscrapers. You can hike in the exotic slot canyons, you can climb the trails that lead to the tops of the canyons, you can see bird-eye views, you can drive around to the remote parts of the park, and see the real Wild West.

If you happen to be into mountain biking, you will find great trails for that, too. If you are into canyoneering, it’s the place to be. The amazing thing about Zion Park is that the more places you visit, the more you discover. Plan on giving yourself at least a couple of days to explore the grandeur of the park!

You will find many fine places to have a lunch or dinner in neighboring Springdale, located between us and the entrance to Zion Park.

The Zion Canyon Giant Screen Movie Theater right next to the park entrance features a very impressive show about Zion Park. We highly recommend it, to complement your real life encounters with the park!

Here are some other interesting places you can visit while staying at the Tyler Inn.  We’ve included the approximate driving times for each location:

There’s always something happening at Zion National Park.  But it’s also a great place to just sit, relax, and admire it’s unique beauty. 

If you are not adept at hiking, or just need a place to start, here is a collection of tips and reminders that we have gathered to help you plan your trip in greater detail. While we have some tips personalized for hiking the many vistas of southern Utah, these tips are applicable for any trip into nature that you may venture. How much each trip applies to you can vary both on your destination and how strenuous you plan on everything to be. It is good to err on the side of caution, so stuff like packing extra water should be considered.

Of course, what is not mentioned in the image is that most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself. Putting in all this effort should not amount to an unfun experience. Zions National Park is truly a sight to behold, so keep it casual and try not to overwork yourself. If you have any questions about preparing for a hike during your stay, do not be afraid to ask us. We would gladly provide the assistance.